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Book Sale / Donation!

January 17, 2014

Selling / Donating some of my most prize possessions over the years … my books! (Finally upgraded to a Kindle!)  If you’re interested in any of the below, email me and let’s make a deal –   (I’ll update this post once items are no longer available):

Spiritual / New Age:

  • Embraced by the Light / Betty J. Eadie (Paperback / Excellent Condition)
  • Matrix Meditations / Daniels & Daniels (Paperback / Good Condition)
  • Faith & Will / Julia Cameron (Hardback / Excellent Condition)
  • Your Soul’s Plan / Robert Schwartz (Paperback / Excellent Condition)
  • The Journey Within / Henry Leo Bolduc (Paperback / Good Condition)
  • Humans in Training / Jay D. Allen (Paperback, Excellent Condition)
  • Pendulum Healing Handbook / Walter Lubeck (Paperback, Excellent Condition)
  • The Light of the Soul / Alice A. Bailey (Hardback, Excellent Condition)
  • Telepathy / Alice A. Bailey (Paperback, Excellent Condition)
  • Only Love is Real / Brian Weiss (Paperback, Excellent Condition)
  • Messages from the Masters / Brian Weiss (Paperback, Excellent Condition)
  • DONATION ONLY x 2 Copies, “I’m Not Dead, I’m Different” / Hollister Rand (Paperback, Excellent Condition)
  • The Book of Fortunes / Verner-Bonds (Hardback, Missing Cover, Good Condition)
  • The Celestine Prophecy / James Redfield (Hardback, Missing Cover, Good Condition)
  • Soul Signs / Rosemary Altea (Paperback, Good Condition)
  • Cosmic Energy / Anne Jirsch (Paperback, Excellent Condition)
  • Destiny of Souls / Michael Newton (Paperback, Excellent Condition)
  • The Infinite Way / Joel S. Goldsmith (Paperback, Excellent Condition)
  • The Way of the Tarot / Alejandro Jodorowsky & Marianne Costa (Paperback, Excellent Condition)

Self Help / Feel Good

  • F**k It / John C. Parkin (Paperback, Excellent Condition)
  • The Path of the Everyday Hero / Catford & Ray (Paperback, Excellent Condition)
  • A Thousand Names for Joy / Byron Katie (Paperback, Excellent Condition)
  • The Love Dare / Kendrick (Paperback / Good Condition)
  • The Love You Deserve / Scott & Shannon Peck (Paperback, Excellent Condition)
  • Hugs, for Women / Howard (Hardback, Good Condition)
  • Hugs, for Those In Love / Howard (Hardback, Good Condition)
  • Bad Childhood, Good Life / Laura Schlessinger (Paperback, Good Condition)
  • The Path of the Every Day Hero / Catford & Ray (Paperback, Excellent Condition)
  • The People of the Lie / M. Scott Peck (Paperback, Excellent Condition)
  • The Sociopath Next Door / M. Scott Peck (Paperback, Excellent Condition)

Business / Career

  • Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit / Solomon (Hardback, Excellent Condition)
  • High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service / Solomon (Hardback, Excellent Condition)
  • Crucial Confontations / Patterson, Grenny, McMillan, Switzler (Paperback, Excellent Condition)
  • Crucial Conversations / Patterson, Grenny, McMillan, Switzler (Paperback, Excellent Condition)
  • Good to Great / Jim Collins (Hardback, Excellent Condition)
  • The 12 Elements of Great Managing / (Hardback, Excellent Condition)
  • A Writers Coach / Jack Hart (Hardback, Excellent Condition)
  • Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office / Lois Frankel (Hardback, Excellent Condition)
  • Final Cut Pro 4 for Dummies (Paperback / Good Condition)
  • Idiot’s Guide to Photography Like a Pro (Paperback, Excellent Condition)

New Office Location – OASIS HEALING CENTER, 12114 Venice Blvd, Mar Vista, California 90066

September 9, 2013

I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined the team at Oasis Healing Center to provide Reiki & Energy healing sessions to my current and future clients!  My availability will be Monday / Wednesday / Friday evenings and anytime Sunday – all by appointment only.

Oasis Healing Center is a mecca for the Alternative Medicine world, housing over 30 practitioners who perform many different therapies, including:  Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Colon Hydrotherapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Energy & Reiki Healing, Esthetician, Functional Nutrition, Hyperbaric O2 Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Massage, Naturopathic Medicine, Neuromuscular Therapy, Plant Spirit Medicine, Psychotherapy, Shiatsu-Anma, and Soul Coaching.

Contact me today to schedule your Reiki Energy Healing session!



LEVEL 1 Reiki Practitioner Class (9/15/13) – CLASS FULL – Additional Classes will be announced soon!

August 14, 2013

“At one with Reiki, My mind – a Crystal Pool – Reflects my Confidence of Spirit. In Gratitude, I am Present in my Work. Integrity prevails. Compassion flows forth as Reiki from my Hands and Heart…” ~James Deacon

About Reiki

Become a Level 1 – Certified Reiki Practitioner (CLASS FULL – ADDITIONAL CLASSES TO BE OFFERED SOON!)

Start your career as a Reiki Healer or just learn to be able to heal yourselves and friends.

Kelley is a Reiki Master taught in both the traditional Japanese Usui and the Tibetan systems of this wonderful hands on healing technique. Kelley is only 8 generations form the Grand Master, as her teacher’s teacher studied with direct descendents in Japan.

In this certified Reiki Level 1 course, you will become a Certified Reiki Healer. You will learn the art of Reiki in the traditional Usui system and receive the attunement to become a Reiki Level 1 channel.

Kelley will pass on not only her knowledge but will attune each student to the Reiki energy and she will show you how to give Reiki to others.  The combination of lecture, discussion and experience, will include:

      • The history, basic theories, and affirmations of Reiki;
      • Meditation to meet your spirit guide;
      • Learn how to use a pendulum;
      • Reiki hand positions;
      • How to give a complete Reiki treatment for self and others;
      • How Reiki healing works to align the Chakras;

How Reiki can be used to develop your intuition,

      hand scanning to detecting where Reiki is needed, etc.

During class you will receive:

  • A sacred healing Attunement to become a Reiki Channel & Level 1 Reiki Attunement;
  • Level 1 Reiki Practitioner Certificate;
  • 3-ring Binder w/ all Class Materials;
  • Clear Quartz Pendulum;
  • Lunch & Refreshments.

When: Sunday, September 15, 2013

Time: 1pm – 7pm

Where: Culver City, CA.  Exact location will be sent upon registration, along with tips to prepare your spirit, mind, and body the week before class.



Teacher Bio:

Kelley West is a Certified Reiki Master / Teacher (2011), trained in both the traditional Japanese Usui and Tibetan systems. Kelley’s master lineage is 8 generations from the Grand Master.

I look forward to facilitating you on this journey of spirit!


Recipe For Making Life-Lemonade

June 18, 2013

We’ve all heard the saying “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”

Have you ever asked yourself if you’re a lemonade-maker… or have you succumb to the ideology in the below picture?










Yesterday morning I asked myself this question, and I was NOT happy with my answer.  “Life sucks” had come to mind more than a few times lately.  I was in the “woe is me zone”.  Surely I had a recipe for making this proverbial life-lemonade.

Life constantly throws things our way that are seemingly unfair or unforgivable, scary, rude, hurtful, physically painful, or just downright despicable.  It doesn’t matter who you are, what your status/experience, how much money/success you have or don’t have – Life does NOT discriminate.  There is undeniable pain / sadness / anger / and frustration that accompany these “lemon” experiences, but the lemonade is the ability to neutralize those feelings through acceptance, and eventually transform them through forgiveness.  But how do we do this?

Literally speaking, we couldn’t possibly make delicious lemonade without the lemons.  But we need sugar, water, a pitcher to mix it in, some kind of spoon to stir it all up, and of course a refrigerator/freezer and ice – because who wants warm lemonade on a hot summer day!?  We need ingredients, tools and a recipe.

I decided to write out my personal life-lemonade recipe (included below), to see if I was missing something.  Was there some part of my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being that I wasn’t taking care of on a daily basis?

I was shocked when I wrote it all out.  I saw that just a few SMALL adjustments could make a BIG difference for my outlook on life each day.  For example – I’m super sensitive to watching/reading the news.  It makes me sad, pessimistic, and often angry.  Yet, every morning the past few weeks I’ve been waking up and going straight to as I eat my morning breakfast.  Yikes!   Also, when I’m not rested I’m cranky, whiny, have negative thoughts, and it’s very easy to go into the “woe is me” zone.  Committing to an early bed time, or napping on the weekends, would make a huge difference.

Little adjustment = BIG glass of lemonade!

Think about your personal recipe.  Do you what makes you feel well-balanced emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually?  Are you doing those things?  If not – will you commit to make a small adjustment?  Feel free to SHARE your recipe in the comment section!  You never know who it may inspire!


Kelley 🙂

Kelley’s Life Lemonade-Making Recipe:

*Get 8 hours of sleep each night.  If not, be prepared to spend a day in bed every couple of Saturdays, and don’t feel bad about it.

*Spend 15-20 minutes first thing in the morning dumping out all of the negative thoughts onto paper, and enjoy the rest of the day!  (“Morning Pages” for anyone who’s studied The Artist’s Way)

*After dumping out the negative, be WILLing to see the World through eyes of acceptance /forgiveness

*Exercise 20 minutes – 1 hour each day.

*Take deep breaths throughout the day.

*Drink at least 1-2 Liters of water a day.  (Did you know: Clinical studies have shown that 37% of people mistake hunger for thirst because the thirst mechanism is so weak. By doing so, the body is led to think that it needs food when what it’s really asking for is water. Moreover, the fact that the symptoms of dehydration (i.e. feeling weak, dizzy and cranky) mimic those of hunger contribute to people’s confusion between the two signals.)

*Eat more high-fiber foods

*Limit Sugars and Processed Foods.

*Limit the News!

*Make daily/weekly strides towards life goals.

*Speak Positively about yourself and others.

*Spend time with Family and Friends.

*Spend time alone.

*Last but NOT LEAST…. STOP doing things because of what other people will think! Follow your own personal destiny!

How Promoting Equality May Actually Promote Division

March 26, 2013


Browsing Facebook today, I was overwhelmed by the number of my friends and family who’ve changed their Facebook profile picture in support of Gay Marriage Rights.  One one hand it touched me to know that so many people are in support of equal marriage rights, but on the other hand I sensed this as yet ANOTHER thing to divide us as a Nation – instead of unite us in “equality”.

What if a FIGHT to be equal to others in some way is actually counter productive?  What if by subscribing to anything that separates us from another, even if it IS in support of something you think of as “being right”, will actually do the OPPOSITE of what you want?

Throughout our history we can see this same thing popping up in different forms, and most certainly in American history over the past 60 years.  First it was related to Color, then Gender, and now Sexual Orientation.  Yes we have made great strides in all of these areas, but I’m left to wonder will it ever end, and how do we unite in totality as a World?

I believe in my heart that there IS a solution, and it begins with those of us who are awakened and on the “spiritual path”.  We MUST rise above subscribing to ANY ONE THING – be it gender, religion, race, creed, sect, social status, etc., because this is what ultimately divides us here on Earth.

The solution?

Subscribe to the simple binding element of every soul that walks on this planet – which is the incarnation as a human being.  Not a MAN, not a WOMAN, not a CATHOLIC, not a BABTIST, not an AFRICAN AMERICAN, not a CAUCASIAN, not a GAY or TRANSGENDER.  Just simply a subscription to being a living, breathing, feeling, being – of which every person who walks this planet can relate.

So today, I stand in support of HUMAN EQUALITY, that every human on this planet should have the same rights as the human standing next to them.  I am going to challenge myself in my speech, and in my action, to walk in the world not as a STRAIGHT, CAUCASIAN, SPIRITUAL, PSYCHIC WOMAN (and any other thing I would call myself), to walk as simply a HUMAN – and support all things that benefit the equal treatment of all humans.

The call to join in mind, heart, and soul with all souls here on Earth has never been stronger.  We have the power to change the World that we have created, and it begins by truly promoting equality by making ourselves equal to every person in this World… TODAY!




Injury & Illness (Part 2) – How Do I Heal Myself?

July 26, 2012










In my recent post, Injury & Illness – The Energetic Body’s Cry For Healing, I expressed my belief that EVERYONE has the power to heal themselves on a physical level.  I asked you to consider the perspective that we are more than just a physical body – we are an “energy body” consisting of an emotional, mental, and spiritual body, as well as a physical body.  I wrote that if an injury or illness manifests, it can most often be traced back to some injury that has occurred in another part of our energy body, and that the injury or illness is a “cry for healing” on a deeper level.

For those of you who read that post, you may be wondering:  “OK… So how exactly do I HEAL myself??”

I’ve been waiting for divine inspiration to write the answer to this question, and luckily it came to me this evening.  When you hear the answer you’ll be just as surprised as I was when it finally came to me.  There will be a part of you (like me) that will fight the answer.  “It can’t be that easy,” the pesky voice will say.  However there will be another part of you that lights up, that gives a sigh of relief, that says – “Yes, of course!”.

So… what is it, you say?

Heal yourself by offering forgiveness to every person on the planet, including yourself.

Offer forgiveness for every deed, every act, every word, every unspoken word – no matter how painful, or awful, or tragic, or despicable, or grotesque. Forgive, forgive, and forgive some more.

Master forgiveness, and you master yourself and the World.

While the answer is simple, doing it may feel overwhelming – especially in the beginning.  .

Besides our own tragic story lines from childhood (we ALL have people to forgive for our own personal childhood tragedies), we have people to forgive for tragedies all around the World.  We are fed hundreds of reasons to offer forgiveness every day through our news outlets – Television, Radio, Internet, Social Media, and if any one of you reading has any kind of a relationship – friendship, lover, spouse, parent, co-worker – then you’re being given at least one reason a day to offer your forgiveness… which would be anytime you get upset with any of those people.   Then of course there is YOURSELF – and we are all our own worst critics.  You know all the times you’ve done something you deem as bad, or wrong, etc.  It’s time to get in there and forgive YOU too.

This evening I was reminded through one of my favorite books, “The Disappearance of the Universe”, that I can be in Heaven any time I choose.  That is the gift of my free will.  As one of the most beautiful phrases of A Course In Miracles tells us:

Fear blinds the world.

Forgiveness sets it free….

Today, and from here on out, I offer my forgiveness to myself and everyone else in the World. Will you choose to join me?


Injury & Illness – The Energetic Body’s Cry For Healing

July 11, 2012

This morning I received some very scare news from a very dear friend of mine.  She told me her doctors were pretty sure she had a tumor, and they were running blood tests to confirm their suspicion.  I was shocked, stunned, saddened, angry… and more motivated than ever to write this post.

Why do things like this happen?  That was my first reaction.  I was angry.  Angry at the stupid limitations of our human body.  Then I was sad.  Sad because this was a Mother, a Sister, a Wife, and a Friend to so many people.  If this were to be true, so many lives would be affected.

Once I allowed myself these initial reaction, which are the typical reactions when one feels “out of control” or “without choice”, my fire and passion as a healer welled up inside of me.  I couldn’t get to my blog fast enough to write about what all my hours of training and reading and researching of the “Energetic Body” have taught me this:  My friend’s tumor is a physical manifestation of her Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Body crying out for attention, and she had the power to heal herself.

The term “Awakening of Consciousness” simply means considering a different perspective about why things happen, or about what makes things happen.   So I ask you to consider this perspective for a moment:

We are all very aware of our “physical body”.  Remember my broken finger?  That’s the physical part of me.  A tumor?  That’s the physical part of a person, too.  This is the part of you that you can treat with modern (Western) medicine.  It’s the part you can operate on, the part you stitch up, and the part you can put a band-aid on.  There is nothing change in our perception to understand this.  We get it.  We see it.  We know it is there.

The other parts of our energetic body are much more difficult (for many) to consider.  Why?  Well first it’s because we’ve been conditioned for thousands of years that these other parts of us don’t exist.  Not only that – those of use who do understand it are made out to be “crazy” or “weird” or “wacky”.  Don’t you wonder why?  It’s because in awareness of these other parts of us gives us power.  It gives us power to heal ourselves.  It gives us power to change our lives.  It gives us power to be prosperous.  We are, simply put, the most powerful beings on the planet with this knowledge.   (and man oh man, does that FREAK the people out who are in power)

I like the simplicity of this diagram to explain the “Energetic Body”:













  • Physical – If you are having an issue at this level (a sickness, an injury, a terminal illness – anything that is “physical”), you can be SURE this issue is simply a “physical” manifestation of some other area of your energetic body that needs attention.  It’s not God punishing you.  It’s not the World punishing you.  It is simply you choosing to experience this, as an opportunity to experience a deeper healing.
  • Emotional – The emotional body is the next “level” of the energetic body.  Have you ever had a broken heart?  Have you ever been devastated over the loss of a loved one?  Have you ever been abandoned by a loved one?  Have you ever been in fear of not having enough food to eat?  Have you ever been in fear of your life? These are examples of our Emotional body – and when these “wounds” in us have not been released, they will manifest physically.
  • Mental – The mental body is about beliefs.  These beliefs are formed mostly in our childhood, and because of those beliefs we create situations to confirm them all throughout our adult life.  Did you grow up poor?  If so, what are your beliefs about money?  Did your parents tell you that you would never amount to anything? If so, what are your beliefs about what you will amount to?  Were you told “money doesn’t grow on trees” by your parents?  If so, do you worry about not having enough money?  Were you naturally artistic as a child, but your parents pushed you into choosing some other career because there’s no way you could make a living as an artist?  If so, what are your beliefs about artists.   ALL of our beliefs are based on conditioning – and it is up to US to examine those beliefs, and change them.  When this part of us is “injured”, it will cause emotional injuries first.  For example, I don’t believe I deserve a good life.  This breaks my heart.  Now I have cancer.   When beliefs are not healed, they cause emotional injuries, which then manifest physically.
  • Spiritual (Etheric) – The spiritual body is about our connection to God, or a higher power.  It is the part of us that has faith in a power greater than ourselves, the part that’s hopeful, trusting, and relaxed in knowing there is “more” to what we can see with the physical eye. When this part of us is “injured”, we may not believe in a power greater than ourselves.  We may have been taught that God is vengeful and wrathful if we don’t behave or act in a certain way.  This creates certain beliefs in us which cause us deep emotional pain, and this eventually WILL manifest as a physical injury.

I stand strong in the belief that absolutely nothing happens “to us” in life.  We are the great creators of our entire life experience, and if something has manifested physically – in the form of a temporary or terminal illness or even an injury – it’s our choice to use that experience to attain a deeper level of healing.

The greatest act of self love is to open your heart to a different perception.  It is then, and only then, that miracles happen.